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Originally Posted by Steeler View Post
I doubt it would considered a safety issue, as it seems FCA already addressed the problem. I copied and pasted this right from the online owners manual.

Enhanced Accident Response System
In the event of an impact, if the communication network
remains intact, and the power remains intact, depending
on the nature of the event, the ORC will determine whether
to have the Enhanced Accident Response System perform
the following functions:
Cut off fuel to the engine.
Flash hazard lights as long as the battery has power or
until the hazard light button is pressed. The hazard
lights can be deactivated by pressing the hazard light
Turn on the interior lights, which remain on as long as
the battery has power or for 15 minutes from the
intervention of the Enhanced Accident Response Sys-
Unlock the power door locks.
Turn off the Diesel Fuel Filter Heater If Equipped.
Turn off the HVAC Blower Motor.
Close the HVAC Circulation Door.

Honestly I like this feature, as both my wife and I both work in high crime areas, and there are times that either of us doesn't want the other doors to unlock.
LOL! Of course! The Corp has the appropriate "CYA" verbage! Personally, I don't have an issue with the way the locks work either!
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