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Shouldn't be a problem. Some standard disclaimers though. It is a taller tire so your speedometer will read slightly low (you will be going faster than what it shows), the vehicle will sit about 1/2" higher so there will be a minor loss of fuel economy at highway speeds. Going from all seasons (presuming you have stock tires now) to all terrains will add some rolling resistance which will also have a small negative effect on fuel economy. The Soft 8's are steel wheels and will add weight to the vehicle, the tires will also be heavier, so again that will have a small negative effect on fuel economy. You could consider an alloy wheel instead.
I don't see 225/70r16 listed on the Hankook website. However, AT tires may be offered in P-metric or LT sizes, or both. P-metric is generally better for road driving, while LTs are usually a physically tougher tire with deeper tread giving advantage while off-road.
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