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Originally Posted by InsaneDonutz View Post
There is an aluminum rim i like as well with 40 offset however it says the hub bore is 73 and i believe the stock size is 67.1. That would require hub centric rings correct? I dont want to over stress the lug nuts
The hub doesn't directly support the wheel. If it did the wheel would need to be designed and secured differently, and mounting a wheel would be a more involved process. More correctly you could say the wheel (and rotor, usually) are secured to the axle flange by the clamping force created by tightening the wheel nuts on the wheel studs.
Different terms may be used but basically, hub centric rims are 'centered' ie held in the correct position, by the hub. So as soon as you put the wheel on to the hub it is mostly centered on the axle. Then, the wheel and wheel nuts further pull the wheel into the correct position as a result of their angled mating surfaces ( the typical 60 degree 'cone').
Lug centric rims have a larger ID than the OD of the hub, so they won't be centered when first put on to the hub. The wheel would actually hang down slightly from the center at that point. Then as the nuts are torqued down the wheel is pulled into position.
Hub centric rings, or wheel centering rings, are a way to restore the hub centering of the wheel. It helps to avoid the wheel being tightened down in an off-center position, which would cause the wheel to be out of balance and would cause vibration while driving. These rings are often made of plastic or aluminum, because again, they don't actually support the wheel.
In my opinion hub centric rings are a convenience in most cases. If you mount and torque wheels properly they aren't necessary but they are nice to have. If you use different rims on your vehicle it may be less convenient. On my daughter's car I have alloy wheels with hub centric rings, but hub centric steel rims for the winter. So each fall I have to take the rings off and put them back on in the spring, not a big deal just sayin'.
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