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WOW!!! That sure is a lot to put up with. Any thoughts about hoiw long your gonna keep your compass? I'm already looking at other cars, and I'm NOT looking at Chrysler products. Yesterday, my Compass wouldn't pull away from the house. I put it back into park, then drive. The RPM's went up, but the car hardley moved. As I was turning it around, to park it, everything went back to normal.
I'm not ready to deal with somthing else, and Jeep and the dealers are not interested in my problems. I'm looking at the Equinox now. 4 cyls., that get 600 hwy miles, to the tank. 6speed trans, not a rubber band.
Never had a GM product, but I sat in one of these, and it blew me away.
Sorry Chrysler, but I'm not rich enough to buy a car that needs so much work, and attitude to boot. I have bought so many neons, and caravans, and lancers, and a k-car. Even a P.T. Cruiser. But as soon as I drive up in this Jeep, the employees run. They know, and now I do too.
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