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Originally Posted by RjHudacko View Post
I too have had the moaning noise at 40mph,but if I disengage traction control it immediately goes away. So why is this not repeatable by service tech?
FCA is also very un sympathetic to the issue. There is a known issue but there is no apparent fix yet. My first trailhawk lasted 7days and was replaced by the dealer. Now I am growing tired of the “ cannot duplicate” statement from the dealer.
I just might be “ turning up the radio “ in a competitors vehicle.

Sadly if you spend less than 80-90k on a vehicle most play this kind of game when issues come up. This has become worse with vehicles that have so much computer involvement from bumper to bumper. Now they often try to come up with a much cheaper software fix to even mechanical problems.

It really bothers me when manufacturers start saying something is a problem without a fix like this. For a mechanical mind it is just this simple. If not all the units are having an issue only a small percentage go through the units having an issue and see what is different to those without the issue. If it is a software issue compare the software to one that does not have the issue and fix it. Mechanical issues resolve the same way.

So the way this feels is they know they have a number of Jeeps with this issue and their solution is to make a custom software to cover what might might would be an expensive mechanical fix. In some cases this might be ok in other cases you might be affecting vehicle performance and longevity.

I know someone with a small ford car right now it is on it's second automatic transmission and still having issues. They claimed software issue and now the car stretches out 1st gear barely stays in 2nd then jumps to 3rd with a huge lug to the engine till it is going fast enough to be at the right RPM for 3rd gear. Going up hill or passing it does the same thing in reverse and tachs hard in 1st. The rest of the gears are fine. Now they are saying that is the software fix and is considered normal operation. My guess is there is something about the transmission operation in 2nd gear that is the problem so they programmed the computer to use 2nd gear as little as possible

This is the kind of stuff that made me almost not want to buy a new car. It is just a dang if you do dang if you don't thing. Had a good factory backed warranty not been available I might would have just bought an older simpler vehicle and just rebuilt it!
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