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Originally Posted by triadjeep View Post
I drove a lot vehicles in this class,, I thought it was the best driving, best all round vehicle. And they are priced right too. Of course I,ve always been a mopar guy anyways.
I recently bought a 2018 compass. There are a bunch of reasons as to why I picked this vehicle. Now I looked at the ford escape, chevy equinox, and gmc terrain. I crossed of the Chevy and GMC because they only had turbos, I did not want a turbo motor. I don't like the lag and I just feel that's an extra expense. I did like the escape, only the s model comes with a non turbo motor. But the s doesn't come with 4wd, I need 4wd as I live in the north east, if you step up a model they only come with an ecoboost. I feel this is the best looking and most rugged looking out of the bunch. I currently have 1000 miles on my 2018 Sport.

I think the compass drives great, I have no issue with the power. Around town its perfect. I took it to Atlantic City about a week ago which is about a little over 2 hours away. It did great, the wind noise is minimal, the ride is great, it steers very well. My only negative is once you get above 75 mph the motor has to work a little harder to keep you at a constant speed, and I feel that the transmission has a part in that. As far as the transmission, besides what I said I have no issues with it. I am coming from a 2006 Chrysler 300, not a bad transmission but it was a 4spd and the gears were so long. A lot of the time it was in the wrong gear. I have the Sport model, it came with the cold weather package and the sport package. It only has the 5inch u connect and that's all I need. The stock radio and speakers sound great no issues there. I do like that my right knee isn't resting on the center stack. That was a issue with my 300. My right knee would rest on the corner of the center stack and its wasn't the most comfortable especially on longer trips. Like other people say the storage is lacking, I don't like how small the center console is and the cover itself. This is small and petty but its something I kinda need to get used to. While it steers well the steering wheel takes a little more muscle to turn. I drive with one had and over a long time spand my wrist gets a little sore if I don't change the way my hand is postioned. I am currently getting 24.6 miles per gallon and that is mixed driving. I drive slow, I am not a fast, I don't accelerate hard. So I feel it gets good mileage. I have a small family, its me my wife, I have a 3 year old and a 12 year old. I can put all of there stuff in the compass and still have room. Its the perfect size for my family. I cant say anything about it being off road because I really don't have anything around here that is off road but I cant wait to see what it can do. Well that's my review of it, overall I am really happy with my purchase of my 2018 Compass Sport.
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