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You see this?:

Somebody hit the button! Triple digits here I come!!!

Yep, thats right, 100% made this pointless post just for this. If other people get to come on here, and go through all the trouble of making an account just to post crap like "hey my 2007 jerp crumpass maks funni sounds wut r sum tings dat culd b wron wit it?" and other people can make accounts just to complain because they got a lemon and didn't get to vent enough at the dealership service manager, then I can make this sh!t post to get my 100th 'like' on what is probably the crappiest automotive forum I have ever participated in. Go on, hit the button. You know you should do it, even if you don't like me, cuz maybe at 100 I'll be satisfied and quit logging in altogether and never troll you again. Worth a try, eh?

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