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One of the basic specs that determine off-road ability (or even just ability to drive through snow) is ground clearance. The Honda CRV, of modern SUVs, is probably the one that is least promoted as having off-road ability. Guess what though it has 8.2 inches of ground clearance on all wheel drive models. Compare that with Jeep Cherokee's ground clearance ratings: 7.9" on a standard AD1 or AD2. The freaking Trailhawk is only 8.7.

Other than the Wrangler, Jeep has long ago given up on the idea of actually making Jeeps. Instead they have tried to make Jeep-ish SUVs that mostly have a public perception of being Jeeps. But that perception can get shot down pretty easily when there really is no substance behind it, and other manufacturers choose to play the same game.
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