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Competition Pot Thickens: The Blazer is Back!

2019 Chevy Blazer Info, Pictures, Specs, Wiki | GM Authority

The way these segments are these days the lines are very blurry and there is some valid argument about whether the new 2019 Chevy Blazer competes more with the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the regular Cherokee, or even the Compass.

I haven't seen exact dimensions for the new Blazer yet but if its close to the Acadia we're looking at only and inch wider and taller on the Blazer, but 20-21 inches longer. That makes for likely an awful lot more cargo room potential.

Some highlights:

Starting at $28,800, expect well-equipped AWD models to be around $40,000

Standard 2.5L 4 cyl engine making 193HP/188lbT
Optional 3.6L V6 with 305HP/269lbT
Both mated to GM 9-Speed automatics

Traction Select knob which gives the driver the option to use FWD-only on AWD models

Optional twin clutch AWD

Up to 4500# towing capacity

Standard 8 inch touchscreen radio, 4G LTE Wifi available, Carplay and Android Auto supported

Available heated and cooled front seats, available heated steering wheel, rear heated seats an option as well, comfort-open window control from fob

Adaptive cruise control option

Optional wireless charging and 6 USB ports

Rear seats reportedly can slide fore and aft 5-6 inches to prioritize either cargo space or rear legroom

18 inch wheels standard, up to 21 inch wheels available

Arriving in dealerships early 2019, EPA mileage figures not yet available


A bright-red, 300,000 mile second-generation Chevy Blazer is what our Jeep Compass replaced. Chevy hasn't offered a vehicle under the Blazer name since the early 2000s.

Probably my favorite parts are the 300 horse V6 and 4500 pound towing capacity options. It is pretty swanky in the renderings and some of the good photos of the red RS. Looking at the lower-trim levels is not quite as appealing but for me thats true of virtually all makes and brands, including the 2nd gen Compasses.

As my household is bouncing off the cargo and towing limits of the Compass all the time, we often muse about upgrading to a Grand Cherokee but with the Chevy Blazer back on the table, the upgrade path for us would be a lot harder decision. The Grand Cherokee has some way more powerful engine options, but I only need so much, and with FCA's influence on Jeep being what it is these days...

Put it this way: I have two years left on the Compass lease, if at any point during that time it decides to start drinking oil the way some other people's do and/or the electronic glitches set in and can't be baked out by the service department, I'll probably jump ship. If it stays on pretty much perfect behavior between now and then, we'll probably buy the Compass out.

With so many nice 3000-3500 pound travel trailers just out of reach due to Compass' limited power, that will be a major factor for us as well in whether or not we upgrade. I'm almost for sure going to at least go test drive an RS when my local Chevy dealership gets one in...
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