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Chris Jacobs
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It looks nice but it also looks bigger than the Compass and not really in the same class. Though the Compass is basically a class of it's own. I'm not sure about direct injected engines right now they keep coming up with gunked up valves. Then there will be a question of off-road ability to those that do go off road. Yes the old Blazers were pretty capable but in this case the vehicle only wears the Blazer's name so nothing to really go on with that. They might do great or they might need a Jeep to pull them out of the first little mud hole they encounter.

It is sad that rear drive 2 speed transfer case convertible smaller suvs are pretty much dead. I feel like there is still a strong market for basically baby Jeep Wranglers. I think the fight for ever increasing MPG has wiped out what could have been some great little vehicles.
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