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Originally Posted by 10-64 View Post
I'm starting to wonder if I have a lemon. I've loved the Compass since I've owned it but I have had my share of issues with it.

Last month I had a problem with the RR door. I closed it and then it bounced open again. Finally got it to close and then it wouldn't open at all! Took it into the dealership and they said that the linkage was apart and was probably not connected properly at the factory and came a part.

Well, it happened again today! I put dune things in the back, closed the door, and it bounced back open. (The latch doesn't catch) Finally got it closed and drive home.
Got the door open, and it won't close again!
I'm putting some bungy cords in the back now in case I have to tie the door shut someday!

Well, back to the dealership again tomorrow.

Way too many problems with a vehicle that's not even 1 year old yet, and only 20,000 kms!

Glad I bought extended warranty, but I'm thinking I'll be getting rid of this early the way it been going!

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By any chance, is it below freezing and wet. I once had I snow trapped on my grand Cherokee lift gate ( I accidentally closed the lift gate on to the snow covered lock below). It froze and prevented the liftgate from latching until it got above breezing and ice melted. It was pop opening like you explained. It happened once again and I was able fix it with a hair dryer.
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