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Originally Posted by Jaime Figueroa View Post
Hello I think it's possible to enable auto headlight but it would require to enable I think the twilight sensor.

Maybe it works if I add it.

The AlfaOBD shows on read systems informations that it reads when the headlight switch is in auto position. But it does not perform. In any condition. Probably its because the twilight sensor is not enabled. I heard from a journey forum that the sensor required is in the. Interior rear view mirror. (The one with auto dimming) has the sensor in the back as other forum stated. It may be possible.
I thought that sensor was for auto high-beams. So it turns the high-beams on in there are no cars in front in either direction and it turns them off if a car approaches or goes in front of you. I thought the auto light sensor is the dome like thing next to the central speaker on the console.

I can try to cover the sensor behind the mirror to see if it triggers lights turning on. I can do this for both sensors and will let you know.
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