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I am intrigued. Normally I would be pretty averse to a 1.3L engine in a buggy like this, but I have experience with a 2011 vehicle I used to drive that was tiny N/A 4 cylinder + electric motor, and it performed for all intents and purposes just like I had a V6 (when the battery was charged).

30 miles of electric range would allow me to do my daily work commute with no gas, and then when we road trip the 1.3L turbo should net 30 MPG trips pretty easy I would assume.

Very interesting. The plot thickens. Just the other day the wife and I were out looking at the new Chevy Blazer RS, and the Cadillac XT4, and even the GMC Terrain. Those are all pretty darn expensive compared to what we paid for the Compass, though. Will be fun to keep an eye on this one.
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