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Originally Posted by Jasmine View Post
So the answer is to raise speed limits and raise minimum speeds. But no matter what the speed limit is, people will always set their cruise on a couple miles higher. I frequently travel on I-93 north of Concord where the speed limit is 70. At 70 I only pass vehicles that are entering or exiting, or maybe a truck on a hill, but I am passed frequently.

Oh, about Germany, do they have deer and moose that wander onto the highway? I fear animals more than other drivers, regardless of their speed. Deer can spring out of the brush and onto the highway in an instant. Moose move slower but unless there's snow for a backdrop they are invisible at night, so half the year your headlights will only tell you how many feet you have left to live a normal life, or live at all.

Hit a deer = wreck your car.
Hit a moose = wreck your life.

For further reading:

PS, I wonder if driverless cars can compensate for animals on the run, or can compensate for over-riding headlights?
As far as I know, they dont have moose in Germany, its southern most range is around Poland. But they have deer for sure, there are videos of people hitting deer at Nurburgring track, so it must be widespread. Though the autobahn is fenced and they have wildlife bridges, so animals cant and dont need to cross the road.

I think Uber's self driving car killed a pedestrian ~6 months ago and the video showed the woman entered the road similar to how a deer would enter it (jumped in front of the car in the last minute). Car tried to compensate, but still hit the woman.
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