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I've been averaging 23-25 all winter, but, I like to remote start it up 12 minutes before I leave for my 9 minute drive to work I mean hey, its parked outside (no room in the garage) and its northern Minnesota, hella cold here in the winter mornings!

I also remote start it a good 5-10 minutes before I leave work. So I basically have it idling nearly 50% of the time, and still get mid 20s no problem. In the summer usually around 28 for daily driving, and it easily claims 29-32 on any road trips.

Personal best short-run is still this 138 mile trip back in June to a larger city north of home, conditions were pretty much perfect and I was in no hurry, rural rolling 55 MPH roads (but obviously averaging more like 60 MPH). Good chance I drafted a truck or something for a good part of it, can't remember now. Seems like it held 40 MPG for the first leg but I must have gotten impatient at some point to drop it down to 38

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