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Originally Posted by eric View Post
Overall, I think this is a good idea. Electric motors powering the rear wheels gives the ability to market awd without the cost associated with AWD. Helps offset the Hybrid cost.

The battery is likely sized to optimize government rebates and what people are willing to pay. 31 miles is not bad and probably similar in size to the original Chevrolet volt that received the full $7500 rebate. That got 35-39 miles of range and subtract a bit for SUV aerodynamics and higher weight.

I hope the keep the 2.4 and the manual available for those that want it. The 1.3 is auto only and the manual left the renegade lineup for 2019.

Can you have a manual car with electric motors? That combination seems a bit strange to me since electric motors donít use transmissions and having a car with both electric motor and manual transmission would need the driver to put the gear in neutral (or drive with clutch fully pressed) while only using electric.

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