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Originally Posted by arudlang View Post

When I'm pulling our 2000+ lb boat back up out of the lake on a wet, steep ramp I want real engine power being sent to every wheel, especially the rears where two or three hundred pounds of tongue weight are being applied. Pure electric rear wheels would help for taking off on snow and ice better than FWD alone but you won't ever call such a car a rock crawler.
Completely agree such a system isn't a rock crawler. It's designed for suburban mom's who don't know what a differential is to feel better about driving in the snow when they have summer tires on.
For towing, which the right software programming coordinating the different inputs the electric motors could work very well. The electric motors provide instant acceleration and torque.
The real issue with the towing example is the 1.3L engine. With the 1.3 sent to all fours do you really want to be towing the 2,000lb boat? I'd much rather have a V6.
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