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Seems there are two schools of thought on funny noises. Some of us panic at every sound we haven't heard before, others ignore warning sounds and wait for a crisis. For those in the first category, I'd ask, Were you paying attention on your test drive? I'd ask furthermore, Did you drive more than one vehicle of the same make/model? Back in '94 my Wife and I were looking for a new Jeep and we test drove several. One in particular had a very noisy drive-train while the others were quiet. Guess which one we didn't buy. We would have preferred green, but we got a blue one. If we were totally infatuated with the color we would have bought a vehicle with potential trouble; as it was we got 100,000 trouble free miles out of it.

On the other hand, some people will ignore everything. As a teenager I remember a friend came to visit my father. I was outside mowing the lawn and as I went by her car I noticed it parked with the front wheels turned toward me revealing outrageous one-sided wear on her tire -- clearly the lower ball-joint was close to failing. Pop gave her the heads up. Early in my career I worked with a guy who didn't believe idiot lights -- if the generator light came on, there must be something wrong with the light. So-o-o . . . he had the light disabled. When it wouldn't start, he replaced the battery, then the starter, then finally a new mechanic said, "Hey, your generator has failed and your warning light's not working." Golly gee. And yes, that is a true story -- he was that stupid. Nice man, but had no common sense when it came to cars. (People don't wear their signs.)

Is my Compass perfect? No, I add a quart or two of oil between changes; I'm not pleased, but I can cope with that. My only complaint is that since its a known issue, they should have a oil level warning light and not rely on the owner to pull the dipstick, especially on a car with less than 200,000 miles on it. Yes, mine makes funny noises. I brought it to my dealer and got the software update. Now that my snow tires are off I still hear the noise at 50+MPH and I've chosen to live with it. I also have a good enough relationship with my dealer that if I had a premature problem they'd find a way to take care of me.

We don't live in a perfect world, but I doubt all these Compasses are going to disintegrate in the first 50,000 miles. Mine is neither the best nor the worst car I've ever owned (about 2 dozen) but it gets me there. It goes through snow (why I bought it) and gets remarkable fuel economy (an unexpected benefit). I figure the improved fuel economy (compared to my '08 Patriot) about pays for the extra oil.
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