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It may be that the JeepCares staff doesn't have the technical knowledge even some of us may have. They might not even own a Compass. They are PR people who know the ropes and can cut through the red tape if someone is having a warranty problem. I suspect they investigate credible complaints of dealer abuse, rude behavior, or incompetence.

Hey @JeepCares:
Just thinking that it might be nice if there was an "Ask Mopar" site where we could get explanations, for example why some of us get a grinding noise or to explain the rationale behind the oil consumption. While many don't seem to have these problems, a significant minority of us do have them to varying degrees. If someone could give accurate answers to questions with some technical background info it would be a great help, as opposed to the experience and pooled ignorance of us owners. Such a site might silence the rants posted by the one-post thread-bombers.
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