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Originally Posted by Jasmine
the 2019 shifts much snappier with no high-revving before take off. It takes some self-control to keep stuff from flying off the dash when leaving a stop sign or traffic light. Iím a pretty easy driver so that snappy start is nothing Iím demanding, its just doing it naturally.
I wonder if that will last. It is a "learning" transmission computer in that it will try to adjust over time to a person's driving habits. Its terrible in our 2017.5, as most of you know I have complained about it before. It could be that they improved the learning algorithms.

Originally Posted by Jasmine
the tranny seems willing to torque it out on a hill with no frantic gear-hunting like my 2018 did.
That sounds nice. Ours shifts so dang much for the slightest hill or breeze it drives me nuts. Hoping someday there is an update that will cure that.

Did you not have touchscreen controls in your old one? Ours with the 8.4 non-nav has both physical buttons and touch controls. I pretty much only use the physical controls.
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