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That is a good writeup since you had a chance to try something else while waiting for your new ride.

I have found the voice recognition in the compass as far as text messages to be pretty useless. Although if I want to make a phone call it works pretty good. I also have a Chevy Tahoe and find its interface about the same, but dealing with text messages is a bit better in the Tahoe.

However both support Android Auto (When I bought my Compass, dealer told me it was not supported since I bought the low end Compass, I was happy to see it works) The text message interface is much better and works great using Android in both vehicles.

I do find Blutooth interface to be pretty good, I do have a USB stick with a ton of music on it but I also like to listen to Podcasts which are on my phone. The interface works well when I listen to podcasts.

The Compass does not have XM radio being its a low end model, doesn't matter to me anyway, I do have the feature in the Tahoe but never really used it and that is not my daily driving vehicle, its my towing vehicle.

Since the towing package was not available, I had Uhaul install one. It does sit lower then the OEM package would but in my case it does not matter. I only need light towing for the compass and my existing drawbars and equipment I carried over from my Saturn worked as is with no changes. I don't plan on using this vehicle for offroading so where this sits doesn't matter to me either.

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