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Originally Posted by CanadaEastKTM
I wanted V6 but they would not offer it in the manual
You've said this in two posts, so I thought I'd point out there are no V6 options for the Compass anywhere in the world in any trim level with any transmission. All four cylinders across the board. You'd have to step up to a Cherokee to get a V6.

Originally Posted by [email protected]
Hi Everyone! My name is Sarah and I purchased my first Jeep earlier this year. I've always owned GM vehicles all my life, but am now driving a 2018 Jeep Compass Limited. I am unfortunately already having issues with it at 7,000 miles so I joined this forum in hopes to connect with other Jeep owners and help diagnose my problem!
Welcome! Sadly you are going to find yourself visiting the service department a lot in one of these and you will probably notice how the Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler service department is always very busy... I've come to find thats just part of the deal with this brand. In trade, you get something better priced that is super stylish and comfortable. My wife and I are OK with that, we are more focused on getting a better house than a better car for the time being.

Enjoy the good times when its working, it will work most of the time and look at it this way its not really any different than driving a ford except our cars aren't unreliable AND ugly, just unreliable! xD
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