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We need a little more info about the clicking. Is it rhythmic with the turning of the tires? Does it happen only when you turn the steering wheel? Is it high pitched metallic or a clunking noise?

Don't fall for the "its normal" routine. Like you I've owned plenty of vehicles with power steering and none made a clicking noise. For that matter I've owned a 2018 Compass and presently own a 2019 Compass and neither makes clicking noises.

A 2018 is new enough you should be under warranty. You are wise to insist on them fixing it.

If the dealer can't fix it, try another Jeep dealer. If a second dealer can't fix it, reach out to JeepCares on this website. Since you're not the only one with this problem (Your dealer said he had another but didn't do anything about it) FCA may make a "star case" out of it and maybe a solution will be found.
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