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Originally Posted by Jasmine View Post
@CanadaEastKTM, what kind of fuel economy are you getting? My 9-spd AT is delivering 30+MPG overall, and deep into the 30s on a long trip. I would expect a manual to do even better.

No-o, its not a fast vehicle, but it's not nearly the slowest vehicle I've ever owned. Do consider, this is a tiny engine w/o a turbo to help it. Its putting out better than 1HP/CID which is pretty darn good.
Well mine reads in kilometers, and don't seem to get better then 12-13 litters per 100km in the city and 11 or so hwy. I try and always shift below or at 3000rpm to keep it mellow. Overall, even just my last tank fuel economy got worse only getting 375km until the fuel light from a full tank premium 91 shell (try and only use minimal ethenol fuels).

It's still early at only 2500km total since new but doubt will get much better. Definitely wouldn't call that fuel efficient but it is what it is and I'm not complaining just would be nice to have a capable engine with that kind of consumption. Hopefully reliability will be this cars strong suit 😜
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