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Originally Posted by Jasmine View Post
We need a little more info about the clicking. Is it rhythmic with the turning of the tires? Does it happen only when you turn the steering wheel? Is it high pitched metallic or a clunking noise?

Don't fall for the "its normal" routine. Like you I've owned plenty of vehicles with power steering and none made a clicking noise. For that matter I've owned a 2018 Compass and presently own a 2019 Compass and neither makes clicking noises.

A 2018 is new enough you should be under warranty. You are wise to insist on them fixing it.

If the dealer can't fix it, try another Jeep dealer. If a second dealer can't fix it, reach out to JeepCares on this website. Since you're not the only one with this problem (Your dealer said he had another but didn't do anything about it) FCA may make a "star case" out of it and maybe a solution will be found.
The clicking only occurs when turning, or when slowing down on bumps or in a rough parking lot. It mostly occurs when I am turning the wheel either left or right. Being the driver, I can't really distinguish if it's the right or left side, but it's definitely something in the front wheels. It clicks about 3 times then it stops when I straighten out the wheel after a turn. I'd say it sounds metallic.

I read in another forum that some people have had success replacing the wheel hub assemblies. I mentioned this to the dealer on my first visit and they insisted it was a normal sound. It's far from normal. The sound reminds me of if you have something stuck in the spokes of your bicycle wheel. I just bought the car 6 months ago brand new and it just turned over to 7,000 miles last week. Being a 2018, it was on the lot for a year or so, but it still has a full factory warranty. I didn't hear this sound when I bought it. I will also add that the noise can only be heard with the windows down.

I went to the same dealer both times, which is where I bought it from. There's another Jeep dealer nearby, but I didn't care for their sales team when I was there several years ago looking into a different vehicle so naturally I just avoided that location. I will definitely consider going there though if I don't get a resolution on Monday.
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