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Sarah, they're trying to get you out of their garage. Take it for a test drive with their mechanic on board before you take it out of their custody. If its still making the noise, take the same mechanic for a ride in a new Compass off their lot. Tripod has a great suggestion.

Next best is to take it to a different dealer and tell the new dealer why you're there.

Have you reached out to JeepCares on this website? I've seen mixed reviews on their work, but they monitor this website to help disgruntled owners.

PS, I've had two 2nd generation Compasses (Compi?) and neither makes a clicking sound when they turn. I specifically listened yesterday turning hard in a parking lot, and tonight coming home I drove about 4-5 miles on a winding dirt road with the windows down and not a peep out of the steering or anywhere else on the front end. I cornered hard coming onto the asphalt and still not a sound.
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