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I installed one on my 2014, I assume you have the first gen right?

I searched eBay for a latch handle that had the OEM backup camera and found several. It took me some time to find one that matched my paint color but I got one for $60. I swapped it and then took it to the dealer for an oil change and had them activate it for $40.

The hardest part is removing the rear door panels, after removing a couple torx and some crosshead screws they pry out. The camera connects to the same plug as the license plate lights. I think on the last year models that dont have the camera, the factory harness has the wires ready for it.

There are other options if you dont want to go to a dealer. There is a device by Coastal E Tech called Lockpick. It connects behind the radio harness and enables the rear cam. Only works with aftermarket cameras though.

For ease of install, probably one with wifi, like the one you mentioned, would be best.

Having it display on the radio, all OEM if you can get good prices, I think. If not, a device like Lockpick will work too.

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