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ok, I first found this site to see what compass owners were saying beforw my wife and i made the purchase. I found it very helpful and for that i owe a big debt.
the reason i asked about the jerk or lunge or what ever it is you wish to call it is my wife was pulling into a parking spot at our local store. as she pulled into the lot she allowed the compass to idle thru the lot she found a parking spot next to the building she tapped the gas and then it happened. by it i am talking about the lunge it put her up over the curb and into the building. so after we take care of all the legal police reports insurance info you know all that. we take the car to the dealer we made the purchase from. I talked to the service manager over the phone he was nice but you could hear in his voice when i said the compass leaped forward when you just touch the gas and thats whatcausedthis you could just feel him rolling his eyes. he responded with I have yet to hear of any issues with that on the compass. But today as they have the compass and had a chance to look at it i called him left a message he called me back in good time and told me that there is a number of t.s.b's (technical service bullitens) out for just this issue. How you can go from none to a number of i'll never know. But they had to reflash the computer or reprogram it again however you want to say it.
should i feel that i should not have to pay this deductable? My insurance is going to go up $100.00 + a year. because they knew about this but chose not to tell anyone. I have very mixed feelings about this.
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