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Originally Posted by Cherokee View Post
Those are some cool pics Blackberry, nice to see you enjoying some fun in your Compass, that's what it's meant for! And nice lookin' ride zacman, congrats on your placing at the expo, that's awesome! I'm sure the badge on the liftgate is the same as all the others to take off, but what about the one in front, how is that one held on?

- Cherokee
they are all held on the same only problem is you will have minor dents after you take it off / you will still see jeep it's wierd i wetsanded and polished and i can still see it i think the paint has faded in general hard to tell
but when you push down on it all the time when you close it it leave an impression in the metal

2007 jeep compass
2WD 2,4L
190,000 km (Always in the shop)
Recently Overhauled every link/bushing in the front/rear
20% tint on windows
Lamin-X smoked tail lights
Painted all silver interior trim satin black.
I strongly Reccomend You Don't buy a Jeep Compass!!!!
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