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Lmarsch36 08-17-2018 03:32 PM

2017 2nd Gen stop/start override
We bought our 2107 Compass in late July 2017. Within the next couple months we experienced problems with not being able to use the automatic Stop/Start override feature. We took the car in for service on Nov 02, 2017 and did not get it back until Nov 16, 2017 after replacing the BCM which was on back order. Since the first of this year we have received the stop/start warning icon several times. Now we are unable to use the stop/start override again for the last month. This condition usually happens when the outside temperature is more than 75 degrees. Also, several times after starting the car the AC/Heating settings automatically change from 68 degrees AC dash vents to 70 degrees floor vents. This is very annoying when using the remote start feature on hot days when the car needs to be cooled down before getting in to find the settings on heat instead of AC as it was previously set. We have a dealer service appointment set for Aug 20, 2018. Hopefully these issues will be permanently resolved.

When I took my Compass in on the 20th the stop/start override was working so they were unable to duplicate the problem. However they did perform a BCM and TCM software update. Well, on Aug 29th the stop/start override problem returned and we could not use the override feature. I guess I'll take it in for service again when the override feature is not working.


dragani328 05-13-2019 01:52 PM

Did you ever find out what the deal was with this issue? Cause? Fix?

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