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Originally Posted by jeepney_driver View Post
The other day my friend told me that he had to change the pcv valve on his Mazda MPV. His car is almost as old as mine. Mine, a 2007 Jeep Compass.
So I thought about checking my pcv valve. I found a youtube video on how to replace it. Simple task... so I decided to check my pcv valve today. To my surprise it was still very clean. No sign of sludge or anything like that at all. Perhaps my use of synthetic oil and regular cleanings of the air filter helped it keep clean all this time. My car now has 122000 miles. Still in great condition.
I guess using the right lube and cleaning helps a lot in maintaining and prolonging the life of the engine.
buy a new pcv they are under 30$ and compare them....

2007 jeep compass
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190,000 km (Always in the shop)
Recently Overhauled every link/bushing in the front/rear
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I strongly Reccomend You Don't buy a Jeep Compass!!!!
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