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I took it off !!!

Yes I did and I found something interesting!

Today I removed the front bumper of my 'o7 Compass and discovered some sources of noise. I found that the bumper has a cushion material that was fastened with only one plastic rivet. The black grill insert was fastened by flimsy little spring washers. These items rattle when you drive over rough road. If you bang on the plastic bumper you will notice some rattles from these loose parts.

1. Remove the fastener from the cushion
2. Remove the flimsy washers from the posts of the grill insert.
3. Remove both cushion and grill insert.
4. Clean with glass cleaner or ammonia based cleaner such as windex etc. to remove the dust and other grime.
5. Apply rtv silicone to mating surfaces.
6. Reinstall cushion and grill insert. Make sure that there is no more rattles.
7. Reinstall fasteners
8. Apply more rtv silicone to edges of cushion and on top of fasteners.


RTV will cure in about half an hour.

On the photos you will see what I did to eliminate these rattles. I applied RTV silicone (GE) to the parts to glue them to the bumper. And while the bumper is off. I looked for other sources of noise. The radiator mounts also make noise and the rubber shields located on the sides of the radiator also make noise. I also glued a couple of 4 square inch foam to the front of the steel bumper to isolate it from the plastic bumper. And one more thing... while the bumper was off I replaced the single horn with two horns from a volvo. Now the horn is much louder and sounds european.
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