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hey guys. I'm new here but my girlfriend does have a compass. I know this thread is a little old but if u want to know how to get the bezel etc off then i'll try to help. i installed an alpine double din for her and all the bells and whistles. This is all from memory but im gonna try. For automatic trannys you just need to pull really hard on the shift knob and it will come off. then you want to grab the inside of the shifter track and pull up. it will come off. I believe after that the next little trim where you pull the last piece up either has visible bolts or it just pulls up like the prior. after that we move to the main radio bezel frame. i think there are bolts on the bottom piece of it. get those out and then remove the flat piece above the whole radio hvac column that is flat. it's right above the vents. this piece hides more bolts you need to remove to get the bezel off. ounce you get that off the whole bezel unclips out with a little force but dont forget you have all the connections to the hvac controls etc. behind there.
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