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Re: Right Speaker, blown/loose wire...?

Originally Posted by cylonrader
I have 2007 Compass sport, with the base audio system, the right front speaker sounds very distorted, going to take it in for service this coming weds, but if its a blown speaker (which I really dont see how, cause I dont put it very loud and its only 2 months old) does anybody know if its covered under warrenty?

Other than that, must say I love my Jeep.

WHen I bought my 07 compass I had the same problem...guess next time during the test drives I will test out the speakers. Anyways, I called the salesman and asked him about it cuz I was expecting i not to be covered by warranty as well but it turns out it was. I took it in the next day and they replaced all the speakers for me. The thing with dealerships and warranty work is they want to do it because then the manufacturer has to pay them. Guess I could have made this short and sweet with "warranty covers it" but I wanted to tell my story

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