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Originally Posted by Webmaster
Originally Posted by flybynight_x1
...As of 3 weeks ago there is a new person in the house, ... t_x1/Popo/
So it's been a hetic time as of late, but now I know the kiddo is safe in the back of the compass with the side airbags
Two things. First. I've been to Texas at the end of June. I think I'd take snow over skin-melting heat

Second, I also have some uh... precious cargo. The side airbags were a selling point for me. This is our family vehicle, so safety is definitely a consideration.

Precious Cargo Congrats to you as well /cheer
My other son who lives in Ohio with his mom, called yesterday to say it was snowing, yes after the 40 days in a row where it was at least 100F or more yes I do miss the snow sometimes LOL
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