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Hey, Flybynight_x1

I see you beat me to it. I'm usually the token Rush fan but I guess I will have to share that responsibility

Did you make it out to either or both of the Texas R30 tour dates? What did you think of the set list? Some of the die-hard fans were pissed, but I still thought it rocked. My only serious disappointment was the absence of Discovery, Presentation, Oracle & Soliloquy from 2112. I didn't see the T4E tour so I wonder if I will ever experience 2112 live before they call it quits

They are in the studio right now recording their new album. Lets hope to see them on stage again this summer. I haven't been to a concert since they played Toronto in August 2004. My ears are well healed and ready for another 3 hour pummeling.
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