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Originally Posted by TheGatekeeper
I found out directly from the source. I e-mailed through the Jeep Canada website. They told me that in early 2007 it will be an option in the Compass. So as for right now it's not available as a built in option, but will be soon. In the US, when you get Sirius, does that include the steering wheel controlls, or do you have to select something else to get that?
I have the factory installed Sirius radio ... no steering wheel controls though.

Here's something I learned from my dealer ... when you get your Compass with the Sirius radio, it's set up for the dealer to use for three months. so he told me to wait until the Sirius stops being received, come into the dealership, and then they'll activate my Sirius account. Since I bought my Compass within a few days of it arriving on the lot, I should end up with about 15 months of Sirius radio without paying for it (yeah yeah yeah, I know I actually paid for it with the radio on the car, but it feels "free").
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