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2015 Jeep Compass

So I recently bought a compass about a week ago and have a few questions.

My first issue was the tire pressure light came on, but it went away. (I saw no issue with the PSI)

Second issue was about twice while I had all the lights on in he the jeep they would dim down for a second then regain. (Hasn't happened recently)

My big issue is two parts. I feel like the shift schedule is off track. The trans feels almost punchy. It doesn't shift smoothly it shifts pretty hard and what feels like at the wrong times.

I'll be breaking and it will not shift into a lower gear and it feels like the trans is slowing me down then is almost punches into a lower gearing.

Also when I try to go from park to reverse (only sometimes ugh) it will feel super stick and need some force to go into reverse. Other times no problem.

Also part 2. When I'm on an angel the car seems to shake and the engine is loud. Almost like when motor mounts are bad.

Anyways the deal made an apt for me on the second. Any suggestions on what to do if they say nothing is wrong or try to do a major repair on a car with less then 600 miles.

Or is all this normal?
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