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Exclamation Jeep Compass turns over but wont start

Jeep Compass 2011 2.4L 2WD Basic module will not start. I have my engine light on as well as my ETC light. The ETC light goes away if I shift through the gears but the Engine light stays on and blinks. I was able to turn my key to get the codes P0622 and P0855. I tried jumping and that didnt work. I replaced the battery and checked all the fuses and could not find anything wrong. I have read online that it could be a short in the alternators cabling or it could be a bad EMC. or the plugs on the EMC are damaged and need replaced. I live in western michigan on a dirt road. So plenty of salt and dirt get into my jeep. The engine will crank over all day if I held it but wont start. lights and everything work. This happened about a week ago and I read online it could be my gas cap? I had a gas cap open message so I opened my gas cap closed it and hit my battery a few times with a wrench (out of anger I was late for work) and it started right up. I tried that as well this time and no luck. Let me know if this is an easy fix for my dad and i or if this is a dealership trip? Dads an old school mechanic. so as long as its not computer related he can fix it.
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