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I have the Boston 9 speaker on a 09. I have noticed rattling when I turn the bass up, but usually i have it on about 25-30 when I'm driving alone, so the music pretty much drowns it out. I might just check the passenger side seat belt lol...

I have noticed that from outside the vehicle you can hear the tailgate rattling to the beat. I reckon most cars with a tailgate are gonna rattle if you put a sub woofer in them. From the inside it sounds like the plastic interior in the back (around the sub) is rattling too. I guess a bit of double sided tape might fix that in certain places. When I have the time I will do some investigating and see if the rattles can be fixed, but like I said it only happens with the bass at 7-9 and at high volume I can't hear

That said, I change the bass setting for each CD, cause sometimes I find that you get a much clearer bassline/kick etc by dropping the bass to a 6/7, and others you can crank it up to 8. Now when you get a song like 'Warp' by the bloody beetroots (if you like techno and havent heard it, check it out), you are gonna get rattle but I think its a fair trade off!
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