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I was told that the 6X9 standard speakers are decent quality three way. Mine play just fine even at fairly loud volume. Remember too, CD's are not all alike. Some are recorded with great equipment and some are not. I would imagine that if you play a standard FM station real loud you would get a lot more distortion cause you are actually amplifying all the normal distortion inherent in AM and FM transmissions. They are very dirty. I am an audiophile and own a top notch dual monoblock amp and dynamic enhancer pushed through Infinity RS3B speakers at 200watts per channel/4ohms. So I know what a high end two channel playback sounds like. I am not going to change out my Compass system for a high end one because at speed, the noise of the car detracts from the sound anyway no matter what level of system you install. It's a car, not your living room.
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