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HD suspension, RRO lift, tires project

Howdy all! My new job has me driving up a nasty, un-maintained, washboard, pot-hole infested, oil pan hunting road that has been eating cars and trucks alive and I don't want my Compass to be the next victim. So I am looking to toughen it up a bit. The plans are to get the RRO lift without the control arms(if possible) and installing MOOG control arms, heavy duty shocks, new cv joints (worn), and larger A/T tires. The tire size's I am considering are 245-65-17, 235-65-17, or 225-70-17 on stock rims. I may get the rims powder coated or painted if the budget allows. I've always thought the ugliest part of the compass is the large, empty looking wells and think a little more tire would not only help the ride, but hopefully make it look at little better. That being said, the main purpose for dumping any money into this thing is to prevent having to pay more later to repair broken parts and repairs. I like my jeep and love my job so i'm looking at it as an investment. I am working with a local offroad shop that specializes in Jeeps (and VW's- I know, weird combo) but they have yet to work on a Compass or Pat.

I guess I am just looking for advice and/or guidance. I'm not an offroad or big, lifted truck kind of person so this is all new to me.

Thanks in advance!

*edit- it's an 11 Compass Latitude 4x4

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