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Originally Posted by ghiser30 View Post
No stats to back it up, but IMO, Jeep has done well with a couple recent campaigns. The Compass ads generated a lot interest. You can check YouTube to see how many folks looked up a particular song from their commercials. Likewise with the Renegade, and the song by x ambassadors! Personally, I wasn't truly considering Jeep, but was swayed by their advertising (and really great deals)!!!! Where I live, you see F-150's, lots of Subarus, and a high representation of Jeeps!
I think the Japanese companies do a much better job of knowing what their product is, and being consistent over many years. It becomes something that you no longer need to advertise. For example everyone knows what a Toyota Corolla is, and even though the vehicles have changed greatly over the decades they are still the same thing. They don't need to deperately try to invent an identity; there has never been a Batman Corolla as far as I know.
Trying to link your vehicles to a specific movie is the opposite of consistency. A movie comes and goes; the Hunger Games was actually a series but still didn't last long. A typical vehicle is on the road for 13 years, a movie themed vehicle is popular for what, a few months. This is the typical American corporation focus on the short term only.
Subaru has really taken over what should be Jeep's core market - and mostly because Jeep doesn't know what they are doing from one year to the next and wandered away from their own identity like an Alzheimers patient, rather than any underhanded plot by Subaru.
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