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j.becker 09-06-2011 04:40 AM

Front end noise

I recently noticed a "whine" or "groan" maybe a combination of the two whenever I make any left steering input while driving. It's heard while driving straight and increases when I steer left but nearly disappears when I turn to the right. Of course it's pitch is higher when I'm travelling faster, no change clutch in or out, and I haven't really noticed anything different when I'm braking. There's no notable play in the wheels when I had the vehicle jacked up, and I couldn't hear anything but the gentle rubbing of the brake pads when I turned the wheels which were uniform in resistance. I know ball joints/tie rods/bearings all have the potential for the noise I'm hearing. Is there anything that sets the failure of the components I've described apart? Could it be something I haven't considered? And might you guys have any suggestions of tests I can try to eliminate culprits/ identify the problem?

I'll be at a mechanic's shop on the 12th of this month, just figured I should pick the brains of those that own these lovely machines first and see what you can come up with.

Thanks in advance!

2007 Jeep Compass Sport
4X4 2.4L 4-inline VVT

billkar 09-10-2011 12:51 AM

2007 compass purchased new in Nov 2007, had the same problem that you describe in 2009 with 21, replaced tie rod assemblies and front end bushings. Now with 27,000km. the same problem has reoccurred. A local mechanic, while performing an oil change has confirmed that inner tie rod ends are again worn out...after 6000km(3500mi.). What the heck is going on here? Does Chrysler have an answer to this problem?

j.becker 09-12-2011 11:48 PM

My mechanic checked it out and he said with a very short ride that it is definately the driver front wheel bearing-a 362.00 cost to me. Fortunately no play in the wheel yet, so I'll be able to get a little more ride out of it yet as long as I try to tune out the groan it makes all the time!

Thanks for your suggestion billkar! I'll certainly keep my eye on the tie rods as I've heard they have a tendancy to go prematurely.


jeepney_driver 02-23-2013 03:23 AM

If the noise comes when you turn the steering to the left you might want to check your power steering fluid. Add fluid if low or if the fluid is dark brown instead of red, change the fluid. Simple to do with a siphon pump. Suck out as much fluid as you can then fill up with fresh fluid. After about a week repeat the procedure. You might have to do this three or four times over time but eventually most of the old fluid will be gone and replaced with new fluid. There will of course be some of the old fluid remaining but will be diluted out with fresh fluid. This is the simplest procedure to change the power steering fluid without dismantling anything. Check your manual for the correct fluid to use.

Of course if the noise is always there, then the wheel bearings might need to be changed. I experienced a similar problem years ago on my FIAT 128SL. It was a bad bearing on the right wheel.

Inner tie rods go bad on most cars at that mileage. The problem is the lack of lubrication during manufacture. The makers of those parts rely too much on the plastic bearings with a little moly grease. The small amount of grease they put is not enough to lube the joint. I added grease to my ball joints using Pyroplex Blue. So far my ball joints are still good at 162,000 miles. My inner tie rods is different story though. When I added grease to it, the inners already have some play. After greasing, they got more quiet. I haven't replaced any of my vehicles joints yet but will be replacing the inners in about a couple of months. I will be replacing the rest of the suspension parts at around 220,000 miles.

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