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New tires already?

I've been sitting on the fence trying to decide whether or not to buy a Compass and I think my choice is getting easier. If you have to buy new tires for a brand new vehicle and are already concerned about having warranty work done, the Compass may be more trouble than its worth. This, combined with the lacklustre reviews I've been reading, make me think I may be buying a vehicle that is going to need a lot of maintenance. I fully understand that this is not a "top of the line" model, but I've had a "low end" Toyota for almost 8 years and apart from oil changes, gas and new tires (after about 4 years) I havent put a penny into it (and I didnt have any warranty work done either).

Has anyone had any signifcant problems with their Compass yet?
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In regards to the warranty concern, that's exactly why I started this thread:
I'm trying to make that a reference so we can get a feel for how reliable the Compass is. So far so good for me. I'm at 5,279 km as of today.

Here's my $.02 regarding the tires. Well I have the 4WD model so I probably didn't need new tires but I've heard so many good things about winter tires and Nokian tires that I decided to take the plunge. The reviews I've seen on the Firestone Affinity are not good. I'm putting new tires on because I want the best possible handling and safety in the winter. There's nothing better than AWD/4WD and good all-weather tires (note I didn't say all-season).
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my .02 cents

I hear ya, In the computer world I love new technology but in the case of the compass I'm opting for the Manual Transmission. As far as tires go - pony up and get the all-terain Goodyears put on from the dealer or negotiate them in. No more Worries. I think this car is gonna be a stellar one for Jeep.

I checked and Michelin X-ICE and Hydra Edge tires come in the standard 17" sizes. Just as another option.
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Dino_toon...I posted more in another thread but thought I'd add here that the weather today was a excellent test for the tires (18" Firehawks) that came on our Compass. We could find no fault with how they performed and see no reason for us to change them.
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I saw at Auto Clearing today that the green Compass they have there has Goodyear tires. Wow, they look way better than the Firestones I have. Word of advice, if you see goodyear tires, buy the Compass!
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I do not concur, I have those Goodyear SR-A tires on my Grand Cherokee and my opinons based on my experience with the tire...
Treadwear- very poor...after 10,000km they are terrible in wet or icy conditions.
Driveablity- soft sidewalls (all terrain) makes your suspension feel like mush.
Noise- If you drive on the highway alot...they are double the noise of standard all seasons.
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So... it sounds like Jeep puts so-so tires on more than one model...
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I had Goodyear SR-As on my Wrangler and they were great ... dry pavement, off road, and snow/ice/rain. They were much better than the stock GS-As that came with the Wrangler ... those tires struggled to make it to 38,000 miles before I replaced them.

So far the SR-As on my Compass have performed well ... we've had some heavy duty rains lately and those tires have been able to grip the road without any problems at all. I feel very comfortable having them.
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Honistly I am a little tire shy at the moment, When I got my Mazda 6 they swore up and down it had awesome tires on it.

Well a few months ago before I got the Compass, I was rounding a turn and hit a spot of water where some water sprinklers were going and I went right up the curve, and I hit the curb hard. And I could tell right away I messed something up.

Anyway as soon as I got home I looked at the tires and undercarrage, didn't see anything wrong with the undercarrage by eye, but I noticed the front wheels were way more worn than the back wheels, and that made me a little pissed cause Mazda said with each oil change they rotated the tires.

Another thing that upset me was they promised a warranty on the tires, and when I took it in, they said because the tires were so worn that the warranty didn't apply (checked the warranty and yep, if tire ware was too bad it didn't fall in to the warranty)

So I went and got a new set of tires, and the car still was still handling sloppy, I feel kind of bad cause I traded in a car that I knew was messed up, but yet again I paid some bucks on getting a new set of tires for it.

Anyway that being said, I had just a little over 19K miles on my Mazda and even if they were not rotating the tires the way they said , the front tires should have not been so worn so bad. At least I wouldn't think so when they sold me the car and said the tires where rated for 60K miles.

Anyway that lession being learned the hard way, I am going to make sure when I get my Jeep serviced, that they let me watch what they are doing and pay better attention and make sure they actually do the tire rotations.

You know I use to really like the service Mazda gave me, but now that I think about it, I now wonder why they gave me a rental for the day while I was getting a oil change done... hmmmmm
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