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11-01-2017 04:34 PM
arudlang First snow today and WOWZA! Not good! I pulled out of my driveway and thought I'd turn off trac control, crank the wheel, and goose it to check how slippery it was and make a cool little AWD tight turn on the pavement to show off to the missus waving me goodbye from the front window. Well, those crappy tires didn't even try to bite, with the wheel at full left lock it walked straight across the road. Halfway over I realized my tokyo drift turn wasn't going to happen so obviously I let off the gas but still no grab, just sliding, over into the ditch she went. Now luckily, we really don't have "ditches" here on my street, its basically just a depression of grass off the road so no harm done and I drove right back out of it. Got back on the snowy asphalt and tried to turn again and again it preferred to ignore the direction of the front tires and just pushed the whole boat straight.

Choosing to ignore the puzzled look of confusion coming from the window I proceeded to drive up the street and get out on the highway. Of course I turned traction control back on and that helped a little but it was still awfully squirrelly, just like driving on bald tires. After about a mile I turned around and came home, since I can work from my home office just as well as my regular office.

She took that as a "oh good, I can drive the 4x4 jeep instead of my front wheel drive civic to work" so about an hour later she took off in the jeep. She gets to work about a half an hour later and texts me "Wow I wish I had taken my car, these tires suck!!!"

That got my curiosity going so I brushed the snow off her civic and ran it a lap around the neighborhood with no issues other than the occasional momentary wheel-spin if you got on the gas too hard from a stop.

So... we'll see if that time frame on getting new tires moves on up. She wants to go over to the tire shop and get new ones right now, but I was hoping we'd make at least one stinkin winter out of a brand new set on a brand new car, crappy or not. <sigh>

The first hard snowfall is always the worst until they get a good layer of salt down, maybe it will be a little better after this but looking ahead at our probable trip to the cascade mountains later this winter.... I dunno. We can't drive 1500 miles at 29 MPH with tire chains on, so something will have to give...
10-28-2017 12:54 AM
zoner99 "Michelin Defender LTX M/S in 235/55R18" yes, wise choice!
10-26-2017 03:19 PM
arudlang I think you hit the nail on the head zoner. Its too bad but not a huge deal for us. I wouldn't have been surprised to see these tires on the Sport or even the Latitude trims, IIRC the Trailhawk gets an entry level AT tire but I had hoped the Limited would get an upgraded street tire, no such luck but thats ok.

When I get a decent amount of wear on these tires, probably two years in, we'll pay for some good all terrains and if it increases the road noise or I drop an MPG or two I won't care. We plan to take at least one winter trip per year in this buggy to visit family that live in Snoqualmie pass in the Cascade mountains, plus we get a fair share of snow here in Northern MN too and I'd say I find myself off paved roads at least once a month, so for me thats enough to justify the switch to AT and put up with the downsides on the highway. We bought this as our dedicated bad weather / snowstorm buggy and for all other road trips we can take the Civic and save a little gas, and I have another small old beater car I can drive when I am in the mood to save the miles on the Jeep. I knew right from the dealership lot they had cut the corner on the quality of tires but at least we have the 4x4 and the tires can be replaced later. I have a feeling that with good tires this will be a formidable snow machine.

Edit: This topic got me off doing some googling and for my own personal notes I am going to leave this here for my future self to re-read in a year or so, but if I were going to go out and get a set today I think for my purposes I would go for the Michelin Defender LTX M/S in 235/55R18
10-26-2017 02:16 AM
zoner99 Personally I wouldn't describe Jeep as a brand known for off-road prowess. That's really just a marketing gimmick - the vast majority of buyers don't really want an off-road vehicle and wouldn't be happy with one if they had it. For example you would want at least an AT tire as standard equipment, but buyers would be turned off by the noise, rougher ride, poorer fuel economy etc. The progression from say an M38 to a modern Wrangler has been that each successive model has been more focused on road manners and comfort and less capable off road than the last.
Back to tires though, yes Chrysler/FCA has long been a master of the art of selling vehicles with the cheapest possible tires even on 'premium' models. Even better they seem to be able to get major tire manufacturers to supply name brand tires that are substandard in various ways. I picture the conversation as something like:

FCA "what can we get for $15 per tire?"

Tire Manufacturer "we would need to build the tires in a third world country with untrained workers, reject material, decades old technology and faked quality control to do that!"

FCA "Perfect! How soon can we get them?"
10-25-2017 06:36 AM
Originally Posted by zoner99
I'm curious about exactly what tires these are, and why you think they are crappy?
Tomorrow I'll write down the exact series but they are basically the same el-cheapo Continentals that cheap cars come with and I am surprised to see them on the upgraded trim package we have. Our 2016 Civic has some very similar 18 inch cheapo continentals that have just slightly different series but same brand, almost identical looking tire except for a little height, and same issue: Both our Compass and our Civic tires suffer from overnight flat spotting every day.

Every day, whichever of these cars I hop into, the first 400 yards have a really bad "whoop whoop whoop whoop" and then the next few miles it reduces to a light shudder until the tires get warm enough to sort of come out of it, and then they are usually fine for the rest of the day but then I come home and park it and the next morning its the same thing all over again.

I have read this is characteristic of nylon belted tires and you have to just deal with it. I have also read its worse on low profile tires and both these vehicles have 18 inch rims so not a lot of sidewall to work with. These are our first cars with such large rims and such thin tires, I can really feel the difference from the nice big balooney tires on our previous 15 inch rim cars BUT I do like the look of the big rims so I'm not going to change them, just going to make sure we get really good tires when these wear out that are not constructed with materials prone to this annoying behavior.

I also resent not getting a more aggressive treaded tire on our new 4x4 Jeep, we'll see how these do when the snow hits but I am not impressed that a brand known exclusively for their rugged off road prowess gave us almost to a T the EXACT same tires our economy commuter honda civic came with. When I think of a rugged 4x4 I don't picture something riding on the same rubber as a honda econobox. I'll photograph them both tomorrow in the daylight so you can see how similar they are.
10-24-2017 04:38 AM
Originally Posted by arudlang View Post

I think my one and only gripe is the crappy bottom of the barrel tires they put on there. With the limited trim we get these big beautiful 18 inch rims and what do they wrap them with? Some cheapo continentals!
I'm curious about exactly what tires these are, and why you think they are crappy?
10-18-2017 11:53 PM
ghiser30 Right on about my "towing machine" comment. And believe me, I'm in no way bashing the Compass. I LOVE my compass. Still, I really live in a mountainous area, and I notice a difference if I have a couple bags of cement (real life example ☺) in the back on the mountain roads. But anyway, truly glad to welcome another enthusiastic Compass owner!
10-18-2017 02:58 PM
arudlang Thanks! Yes some credit is due to you, I've been doing light-duty towing all over the place with mine and when you said its not a towing machine I know you meant in terms of its not meant to pull your race car to the track or a super-sized heavy boat or a 26 foot camper trailer but I had to chime in and say that I pull small loads practically every week

I would not have minded a small or mid-size pickup truck but I couldn't find anything I liked at a reasonable price and really, for my needs an SUV is way more practical because I haul people and things I want to stay dry much more often than I haul wet/dirty/large items. Best of both worlds (for me) was to have an SUV and a small cheap utility trailer.

I got the 1750 lb rated 4x8 trailer from harbor freight a few years ago and that has been my "truck bed" ever since for any times when a truck bed would have been used. Couches, lawnmowers, firewood, appliances, etc all lightweight stuff but works great on a cheap trailer that I can roll behind the house and forget about until the next time I need it.

Anywho, I am about 100 miles west of Cloquet, pretty much in the middle of the state. Mild as the winters have been you can usually get by year-round with a small FWD car here but there are typically about 4 days a year where having a 4x4 means you get to leave the house today and others don't
10-18-2017 12:12 AM
ghiser30 Welcome aboard. I feel like I 'm due at least a small bit of credit for bringing you out of the shadows! 😉 Are you near Cloquet? I was stationed with a guy from there. That's a fine looking ride you got there (in my slightly biased opinion)
10-17-2017 03:37 PM
New Member with a 2017 2nd Gen Limited

Hello everyone! I had been holding out to see if the new generation of compass would get a forum of its own, rather than being tacked onto the first generation compass forum, but seeing as that doesn't appear likely I finally joined in the fun. I just... really did not care for the old generation of compass, you know what I mean? Not my cup of tea, thats all.

The new rehash of the compass though, wow! I actually had gone into the dealership to look at the Renegades, they had a super great deal going on them and on paper a Renegade sounded great, I wanted very badly to like it because it had just the right combination of capability and economy for my needs but I couldn't get over the shape of the thing... I was going to leave the dealership and not come back but on the way out I saw this billet silver, black roofed 2017 compass in limited trim and (not knowing they had been redesigned) I said "wow what is THAT?!" I thought was a shrunken Grand Cherokee or something, when I saw the Compass badge I couldn't believe it because it was such a far cry from the previous generation of Compass.

Well of course upon inspecting the sticker I found that it was basically the same powertrain and drivetrain as a Renegade but in a way nicer looking package.

Boom, the search was over. Had to have it.

I've been driving a combination of two cars for a decade now. Since 2007 I have had my trusty 1997 S10 blazer 4x4, a 4 door with a 4.3 V6. Throughout all these years I owned various compact cars to drive to work and long trips because the Blazer was old and high mileage, but I could never get rid of that Blazer because when I needed it I needed it badly. 4x4 for northern minnesota winters, towing package for hauling boat, snowmobile, ATV, firewood, building supplies, etc. I couldn't get rid of it, I needed a light to medium duty 4x4 off and on all the time, but I racked up a lot of miles on it and it was pretty tired, needed constant maintenance. Meanwhile, I am paying insurance and tabs on two vehicles always keeping a newer compact economy car around to have more reliability and make better gas mileage because I used to have to drive 600+ miles per week.

Currently, I only drive a hundred-fifty miles a week so I no longer need a long-distance commuter. The new Compass has come in to slot perfectly between my budget economy car and my trusty workhorse Blazer, and replace them both. (My fiancee cheers in the background, she was sick of me having two cars also). She drives a 2016 Turbo Civic so when we take long trips to visit family we do have one slightly more economical and faster option.

Anyways, the new Compass has been awesome. It has great mannerisms on the highway, and is extremely comfortable and well equipped, more than I could want for going 10 miles to work and back. Then, when I need to do some chores it really shines, easy to fold down the seats and load up our bins of recycling, easy to pop my little utility trailer on there and haul some things around, easy to hook onto the boat and go, easy to pop the bicycle rack on the back and take the mountain bikes on an adventure, etc.

I was highly interested in the 6 speed manual option, my aforementioned commuter cars were always stickshift, but ultimately we wanted all the goodies that came in the limited trim and the exact one we wanted with all the right options was just sitting there in front of us at the dealership (that huge beatiful touchscreen!). I'll have to let this one shift itself, I'm sure I will survive.

My fiancee and I are going to take a lot of adventures in this little thing, I can hardly wait. Right away I got the mopar all-weather floor mats and a rear cargo rack.

I think my one and only gripe is the crappy bottom of the barrel tires they put on there. With the limited trim we get these big beautiful 18 inch rims and what do they wrap them with? Some cheapo continentals! Oh well, when they wear out I'll be happy to put some good tires on there, maybe after a year or so. Other than that, not much to complain about so far. Its no speed demon but its adequate for what I need. On days when I feel the need for speed I'll just swap her for the turbo civic

Looking forward to chatting with you all! I'll get more pictures eventually and a signature block too.


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