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11-13-2019 10:56 PM
arudlang Go ahead, let out your anger and frustration, I came along and poked you with the stick so this is probably the reaction I deserve but we're going to have to get over this and get along at some point because I'm one of the few people (we have like, 6 total dedicated people here) who actually reply when you ask questions like what size of tire should fit and so on. I wrinkle my nose a little bit when people don't use the search feature to find the info we've already collected but if its not a stupid question one of us usually will respond and try to help, so roughly 1/6 of the time its going to be me.
11-13-2019 02:10 AM
cwells22 Maybe someday you too will have enough money to spend as you chose. Jealousy is such an evil feeling, but Iím sure you will deny that as well. Seems you enjoy being such a rectum, Iím sure you love the responses even more. People like you thrive on it, thatís why you post nastiness to the threads you donít like. You are getting the reaction you need to go on. Enjoy your isolated lonely life and I hope you really donít have dogs that have to suffer your personality as well.
11-12-2019 07:26 PM
Originally Posted by Jasmine
Arudlang, we need to get you some happy pills.
I just had lunch at a pizza buffet which is pretty much the same thing! I think cwells22's Compass looks great nice little lift, cool black rims that contrast the white paint job nicely and must have lower offset, making for a nice stance, nice new AT tires (won't talk about the size of them anymore :P) It looks good!

Tires wear out can easily replace them with 225/60/18 next time around if he or she wants, or stick with the same, whatever.

Feels like the pizza is settling, room for some more coffee now...
11-12-2019 06:05 PM
Jasmine Arudlang, we need to get you some happy pills.
11-12-2019 03:25 PM
arudlang I meant I like 18 inch rims, the tire size is just ok, its what it was designed to have and it performs well with that tire size.

And yes, I'm a total crabby patty. Big time character flaw. I try to work on it but threads like yours just do not help.

Just so you know, and others here can attest, I'm harsh with people no matter what their gender, race, age, orientation, or anything else. All people I observe doing silly things are equally dumb in my eyes.

I can't help myself when someone makes a new account and a new thread titled "wahhh, need bigger tires " and the story is they spent all this money on a new compass, new lift, and rims and brand new tires and somehow installed smaller tires than what they started with, but they "want" bigger tires... Like what? Its just so ridiculous its undeniably funny. I'm sorry I couldn't think of a more polite way to point it out, but it is hilarious, and maybe a little bit sad because we have TONS of good information on this forum about what tire sizes people have tried and how they fit and did they need spacers etc etc etc and you seem to have chose to just fling money into the air and THEN after the fact you make a post asking for info (instead of searching for it..), when you've already made a choice on tires that directly contradicts what you say you wanted... and yet I'm still the @##hole here for pointing it out Oh well. I'm not saying I'm proud of myself for being this way, but I am saying I guess I prefer being the way I am and at least knowing how tire sizes work vs being a silly goose who lifts a glorified fiat car and and then puts littler tires on it

I know I probably shouldn't post this. But its not any different here than if I were face to face with one of my lifetime good car buddies, I'd be laughing at him just the same saying "dude! (or dude-ett), you say you wanted bigger tires? You kinda goofed up here! " And I really don't mean it in a mean-spirited way, I mean it in a joking elbow-in the-ribs ha ha ha kinda way. The tires you put on a great tires that are going to perform really well. You could have went at least an inch bigger though, and it seems like thats what you wanted, so is it not at least a little bit funny?

Still, I swear I really will try to be nicer and less sarcastic and all that good stuff, improve my attitude, yadda yadda. I'll do that and you can try to learn about tire siz... gosh dangit I'm already going it again! I'm so bad!

I will try guys, really I will. Just not today, not on this thread. Its too far gone.
11-12-2019 12:17 PM
Jasmine Hey, my friends. Its only tires. Just let it ride. (Pun discovered after typing).
11-12-2019 05:07 AM
cwells22 If you like what yours came with then why give me a bad time? Mine is the exact same size. I think you are just a dick but Iím sure you wear it well.
11-11-2019 02:52 PM
Originally Posted by cwells22
If you have such a bad attitude and nothing good to say, maybe save that for the mirror.
Yes, I will try to do better. I am less crabby today. I am sorry for writing unhelpful mean spirited comments on Friday.

It is still kinda funny that you lifted your Compass and then put smaller tires on it, I can't help giggling at that, but it looks good and it will drive much better that way. And yes by smaller we are talking 1/4 inch or so, its just that the principle of it is funny to me. My Compass came with 225/55R18 stock and I like them a lot (well, the stock tires are crap but I like the rims).

For future reference based on others experience here most people are easily able to run a 29" tall tire BUT usually a skinny like no wider than 225, 235 with spacers and that all gets a bit more complicated once you depart from the stock rims I don't know what your offset is now. Depending on where your new wheels lie you could be really close to being able to fit a 235/60R18 but its probably going to be a really close shave in some spots. Too close for comfort in my opinion.

Here is another good one @Jasmine I'll try to keep it in mind:

11-09-2019 12:58 PM
Jasmine Oh, arudlang, I like your dog!
11-09-2019 12:57 PM
Jasmine Good Morning! Seems like some of us need to work on the "good" part of morning. Happy Day to you all!
11-09-2019 03:33 AM

Donít assume all women are stupid when it comes to tires and wheels dog...dipstick. I am aware of the difference if the stock 215/65/17 and the 225/55/18 and that height is 28Ē stock to to the 18Ē wheel that has a tire of 27.7Ē height, which that difference of 28Ē to 27.7Ē is probably the size of your unit. Also I am aware of the offset and the struts, etc..thatís why they fit. Not to mention the difference of the width with 215 to 225 (8.5 to 8.9Ē). Yea, others can do math too. I also know different brands of tires fit differently and Iím inquiring what others have. The guys at the 4WP I worked with are very informed as well.
You donít have to agree with how people like the way their rides look, not everyone wants the stock old bald man look, others strive to improve the look of their vehicle to their taste. If you have such a bad attitude and nothing good to say, maybe save that for the mirror.
11-08-2019 03:58 PM
arudlang Aw hell here we go, I saw this thread yesterday and shook my head but held my tongue, then I saw it again today and I've had much less coffee and I just can't help myself...

Here's the deal, 225/55/18 is a slightly shorter tire than the stock trailhawk tires you swapped out... you wanted bigger and went straight-up backwards, dawg.

Your tire shop pulled a funny on ya if they talked you into running 225/55/18 on a lifted trailhawk. I don't feel bad for you though, the tire shop is just trying to keep you from shooting yourself in the foot and if you understand so little about tires that you let them put shorter-than-stock tires on your lifted car, then thats on you.

Those are slightly wider tires than stock TH, you might have picked bad rims with improper backspacing creating worse clearance issues with the struts, which is something you should have been able to avoid or eliminate by getting new wheels and again, I don't blame the tire shop here, its not their job to help you screw up the driveability of your vehicle with the wrong rims and wrong size tires. The tire shop's forte is helping people restore the stock intended driveability of a vehicle by putting on the size of tires the car came with. If a customer wants to strike out on their own and mess with tire sizes and wheels with different backspacing, thats not their responsibility.

Sounds like you had plenty of money burning a hole in your pocket to be lifting and swapping tires and rims on a brand new thirty-thousand-dollar vehicle, but didn't spend the time doing your homework to learn about how tire sizing and wheel backspacing etc works. Hopefully you have plenty more monies because its pretty expensive being oblivious.

I'll follow that with my standard good morning sorry I am the forum grouch and every morning I grouchily get on here to see what stupid things people are saying and doing with their cars. I don't even know why I log in. I usually have nothing nice to say. I struggle with maintaining a good attitude and spew unnecessary sarcasm left and right. Good luck learning more about wheels and tires maybe next time you will know enough to not let the shop put smaller tires on your car.
11-08-2019 02:21 PM
Jdarling I have a r/c 2" and +35mm off XD wheels and I run 2356517 its litterally the biggest I can run the strut is the issue not turning or wells
11-04-2019 12:41 AM
New Wheels-Need bigger tires

2019 Jeep Compass Trailhawk with 1.5" Daystar. Black Rhino Barstow 18x8 wheels and Falken AT 225/55/18 tires. I really wanted more aggressive tires and taller tires, but was told that these were the biggest. They say with the lift you can only go up 1 size. What is anybody else running out there?

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