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04-02-2010 03:18 AM
tripplec Well everything and I mean everything has a resonant frequency. Which means when it matches the physical item and the amplitude is sufficient it will vibrate/resonate to that frequency. This could be glass metal panels etc.

You may have to as mentioned turn down the bass boost and/or tune with an equalizer to nullify the resonate frequency.

If you or better still a passenger a can identify the panel or part virating. You may be able to tighten or make some change to change it.
03-26-2010 11:50 PM
Skyeye I was told that the 6X9 standard speakers are decent quality three way. Mine play just fine even at fairly loud volume. Remember too, CD's are not all alike. Some are recorded with great equipment and some are not. I would imagine that if you play a standard FM station real loud you would get a lot more distortion cause you are actually amplifying all the normal distortion inherent in AM and FM transmissions. They are very dirty. I am an audiophile and own a top notch dual monoblock amp and dynamic enhancer pushed through Infinity RS3B speakers at 200watts per channel/4ohms. So I know what a high end two channel playback sounds like. I am not going to change out my Compass system for a high end one because at speed, the noise of the car detracts from the sound anyway no matter what level of system you install. It's a car, not your living room.
03-26-2010 10:55 PM
Lunch Box Good place to check: if you have an aftermarket license plate cover over your plate, you can get a lot of rattle from those. I know I do lol.
03-25-2010 12:26 PM
lochinprc I have the Boston 9 speaker on a 09. I have noticed rattling when I turn the bass up, but usually i have it on about 25-30 when I'm driving alone, so the music pretty much drowns it out. I might just check the passenger side seat belt lol...

I have noticed that from outside the vehicle you can hear the tailgate rattling to the beat. I reckon most cars with a tailgate are gonna rattle if you put a sub woofer in them. From the inside it sounds like the plastic interior in the back (around the sub) is rattling too. I guess a bit of double sided tape might fix that in certain places. When I have the time I will do some investigating and see if the rattles can be fixed, but like I said it only happens with the bass at 7-9 and at high volume I can't hear

That said, I change the bass setting for each CD, cause sometimes I find that you get a much clearer bassline/kick etc by dropping the bass to a 6/7, and others you can crank it up to 8. Now when you get a song like 'Warp' by the bloody beetroots (if you like techno and havent heard it, check it out), you are gonna get rattle but I think its a fair trade off!
11-18-2009 12:18 AM
Lunch Box Well I dont have the premium set up, but I did replace all of the speaker with nice coax's, as well as added 4 tweeters and two 8 inch woofers (ask me where I put those lol). I've noticed some rattling myself, on the passenger side, but found it was actually the seat belt cloth beating against the door. Simple fix there ; )
11-11-2009 11:37 AM
friny Well i have never experienced such strange experience
10-25-2009 08:16 AM
Compassed Turned my bass to +7, +8 vibrates just abit to much
10-22-2009 04:26 PM
Javalitis There are a lot of factory systems that have this problem (the popping/rattling). The basic issue with stock speakers is that, in new vics, the can handle more RMS (continuous power) than older vics, BUT they have a lot shallower cone travel.

In other words, your speakers are handleing the power with no problem, but the cones are "bottoming out." That's why there's not a lot of distortion, but the "pop/bump."
10-22-2009 06:06 AM
Compassed I very rarely will get that vibration but its not to obvious, also my side mirrors vibrate due the the bass i keep it on +8
06-08-2009 07:42 PM
Vibration or Rattling with Big Bass

LOL i have the same problem with vibration when i pump basshunter & ll Divo up . Do i need a new quality stereo system or is it better speaker output needed?
My cars going in Thursday to Mr T for bodykit & few other modifications.A really good sound system would be finish it off.
Any ideas?
Cj Carolyne Jayne
06-06-2009 08:55 PM
eze07projectmayhem I have a Question about the head unit. Does anyone know if the stock radio is equipt with RCA inputs in the back. I am wanting to hook up some subs and dont want to replace the stock head unit. If not, is there a harness that you can purchase that wires into the stock harness? Any input helps.

Thanks, Eric
02-19-2009 06:41 PM
EvenFlow57 i have the non premium speakers too, but they work just fine. is there any possibility i have the better stock speakers? it was a dealer demo car prior to me buying it. its a 2007 compass sport with basic stereo, but i just bought it around 2 months ago. is there any way for me to check if i have the better speakers or not? just to avoid the problem with them later. if anyone can help me itd be greatly appreciated!
11-09-2008 02:39 PM
Ski guy
Re: Vibration or Rattling with Big Bass?

Originally Posted by Double J
There is a problem with the non-premium speakers. Took it in for an oil change today, complained about a distorted speaker, they have a notice to replace all non-premium 6x9 speakers so they will be replacing them all.

Not like I got an actual notice in the mail or anything though.
I also had this distortion only in 1 speaker, dirivers side front. Had the dealer replace it, waited 1 month for the parts to arrive. 2 months later the other speaker started as well. We just called the dealer and waited 1 1/2 months and had to call the dealer back. It was sitting in stock and they replaced it that week.
05-11-2008 07:31 AM
Re: Vibration or Rattling with Big Bass?

im getting a poping clicking type of noise on my premium sound system... if i have the radio or cd going but turn down the volume to off or very low I hear a ticking sound... as i raise the volume it drowns out the ticking... really annoying...frig.
04-28-2008 08:00 PM
Re: Vibration or Rattling with Big Bass?

All speakers replaced. Sounds better now
03-17-2008 09:22 AM
Re: Vibration or Rattling with Big Bass?

Perhaps there's a TSB on it
Yes, there is, it is 08-024-07 REV. A
"This bulletin involves replacing all 6x9" base spekers in the vehicle"

Applies to vehicles MDH 0226XX - 0904XX

Rgds, Stacker
02-16-2008 11:43 PM
Re: Hidden Recall???

Originally Posted by i2canoe
Hidden recall???
Perhaps there's a TSB on it (Technical Service Bulletin). There is no such thing as a hidden recall, however TSBs are kind of "secret". Recalls only affect safety equipment and must be fixed for free by law. TSBs on the other hand, are put out by manufacturers and are not "mandatory". They address specific known issues. If you're under warranty a TSB may be used to repair a specific thing for free (because of the warranty). If you are out of warranty then the dealer could use the TSB to fix something specific (on your dime).

Just don't want anyone to get the idea there's secret/hidden recalls

You can search for TSBs for your vehicle here:

You can search for recalls for your vehicle by entering the VIN here: ... ame=recall
02-16-2008 05:26 PM
Hidden Recall???

Originally Posted by Double J
There is a problem with the non-premium speakers. Took it in for an oil change today, complained about a distorted speaker, they have a notice to replace all non-premium 6x9 speakers so they will be replacing them all.

Not like I got an actual notice in the mail or anything though.
Hidden recall???
02-16-2008 04:24 PM
Re: Vibration or Rattling with Big Bass?

Same thing happened to my door speakers in my Neon. I just replaced them myself though. I found that the fabric had started pulling away from the magnetic coil.
02-15-2008 08:25 PM
Re: Vibration or Rattling with Big Bass?

Thanks Double J. We have an '08 and the speakers sound fine so far. I've noticed a number of issues on the forum that seem to effect only the '07 and not the '08. Hope your luck holds out! The issues seem to be sporadic, and not with all vehicles.
02-15-2008 04:34 PM
Double J
Re: Vibration or Rattling with Big Bass?

Mine is an '07, all I can tell you. Makes me wonder what else is prone to breaking that they haven't told me about. I'll probably find out after the 1 year bumper to bumper.
02-15-2008 02:18 PM
Re: Vibration or Rattling with Big Bass?

Is the speaker replacement program for '07 or '08 Compasses?
02-15-2008 01:28 PM
Double J
Re: Vibration or Rattling with Big Bass?

There is a problem with the non-premium speakers. Took it in for an oil change today, complained about a distorted speaker, they have a notice to replace all non-premium 6x9 speakers so they will be replacing them all.

Not like I got an actual notice in the mail or anything though.
02-13-2008 03:56 PM
Re: Vibration or Rattling with Big Bass?

Do you have the factory basic or the Boston Acoustic system? I have the Boston Acoustic in mine and have no problems. Even when you turn it up :mrgreen:
02-13-2008 12:42 PM
Re: Vibration or Rattling with Big Bass?

I have this problem too and my Compass is currently in the shop seeing what they can do about it. You shouldn't have to turn down the bass in a brand new car to avoid it making noises. I'm in another Compass in the meantime and there's no problem with the radio in it so I guess we'll see.
11-09-2007 10:01 PM
Krysta i've noticed it as well, especially with rock songs with heavy bass. I have the Boston Acoustic sound system, and have noticed on some songs that when i look in the rearview, it looks like the liftgate window is vibrating.

and it does pick up on bass from cds more than my stereo. i really noticed it when i was listening to a cd a group made on their own, and the production quality wasn't that good. at home, or on the mp3 player, all yo could hear was the music, but in the compass, you could hear them breathing into the mics.

all-in-all, i just manually adjust my bass settings way low to make up for it, so i don't blow the speakers (or my ears).
10-01-2007 05:29 PM
rommel543 I've noticed that when listening to FM radio but not from Sirius. I haven't listened to any CD's yet. I'm heading on a trip this weekend so maybe I'll throw in a CD and check it out.
03-23-2007 03:33 PM
Chamfo wierd, i havent experienced anything yet, but i will keep my ears open.
03-23-2007 02:02 PM
flybynight_x1 I get the same thing

Thats why I want to get an EQ that has presets, so you can just push a button to adjust the settings :lol:
03-21-2007 02:14 AM
Cherokee One thing I do know is there is a good bit of insulation on this car. The only thing I hear in mine, is if I am listening to any music that has any kind of bass in it, at a loud volume, I get a popping sound, in time to the music. I don't listen to it deafeningly loud or anything, but a little volume is nice. Figured it was just me, but it is an annoyance. It is just hard to get it to that perfect volume to tell if it is actually the car or just a particular song. I don't think I hear it playing the same song on my stereo in the house, but will have to listen harder. Glad to know I am not the only one noticing, but all those surveys I have gotten in the mail, I have made a point to mention it.

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