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  1. Jeep Compass New Member Introductions
    Hi, Would anybody know where I could source paddle shifters for my 2020, Jeep Compass 4x4, 9 speed automatic, diesel, limited plus edition? The steering wheel only has music controls on the left and right hand side where I intend to add the paddle shifters. Quick questions: 1. Is it as...
  2. Wheels and Tires Discussion
    I have a new 2022 Compass Sport 4x4 coming in a few weeks. The stock wheels are hideous and make it look like a rental vehicle.. This is my first time dealing with getting new wheels, so I did some research but am still confused. The Sport 4x4 is listed as having 16x6.5in wheels with a +40mm...
  3. Jeep Compass General Discussion
    I've got a 2016 Jeep Compass high altitude limited. 39k. I understand this model has some kind of auto sensing 4 wheel drive where if one wheel isn't getting enough traction the 4x4 will automatically engage. Occasionally when I turn the wheel approximately 1 full turn to the left or right I...
  4. Powertrain Discussions
    My fiance just got a 2015 Compass Latitude. 2.4, cvt, 4wd...and it's her first vehicle. She's super excited about it, she's super proud of it, and she's wanted a Jeep for a long time. .....and I think it's stuck in 4wd. Anywhere we go, there's a loud sound coming from the rear of the vehicle...
  5. Repairs - Mechanical problems and questions
    I have a thumping type sound when accelerating somewhat hard from a stop which sounds to be coming from the rear. It almost sounds like the drive shaft hitting but stops after it shifts. Anyone have any Idea what this could be?
  6. Classifieds Forum
    Parting out 2008 Jeep Patriot 4x4 5 speed Manual Parting out 2008 Jeep Patriot 4x4 5 speed Manual. 190k is the mileage. The transmission was replaced at 160k miles and have very low miles on it. The rear subframe was replaced also. There are many good parts on it. A few parts have been sold...
1-6 of 6 Results