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  1. Aftermarket Accessories & Parts
    Hey all, just posting this info/PSA so that others may find it when doing a google search, as there doesn't seem to be anything out there at the moment, and for those looking at Vanguard's Compass accessories. However, if anyone on here has any information that may illuminate the situation...
  2. Jeep Compass New Member Introductions
    Great to be part of the group! Here's some of my DIY additions to my new compass let me know what ya'll think: 1. Roof rack crossbars with cargo basket 2. Spare aftermarket steel wheel (kinda rediculous that it doesn't come with one but it is what it is) 3. Blacked out rim hubcaps with...
  3. 2nd Gen Jeep Compass Forum General Discussion
    So i have an 08 Compass (with 70k miles) and im looking for crossbars thay fit the roof rack. I know that MOPAR no longer sells the crossbars that were optional at the time and was wondering if anyone has any knowledge if aftermarket (or any links to OEM MOPAR) crossbars
1-3 of 3 Results